Together for a sustainable world

We accompany you on your way to a sustainable, reliable and efficient energy storage solution and believe in the power of partnership. We can only be successful through close cooperation with our commercial customers, research institutions and industrial partners to design and build tailor-made high-tech stacks that are precisely tailored to the individual requirements, areas of application and electrolytes.

Our goal is to facilitate and accelerate our customers' transition to advance their energy storage solutions with our innovative stacks and comprehensive technical support and advice.


As a flagship project in our MISSION ENERGY AUTARKY, we are defining the innovative system coupling of heat pumps, thermal stratification storage, and Volterion's energyFB as the second heat generator. In conjunction with the dynamic European day-ahead market prices, we can thus adjust not only the electricity demand but also the heat demand to the development of the stock exchange electricity price. Intensive consumption can therefore be shifted to hours when the price is low and there is a particularly high share of renewables in the electricity mix."

Tim Kohlhaas,
CEO KIS Antriebstechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Volterion makes some of the most innovative flow battery stacks on the market today. Their products are reliable, robust, and the after-sales service has been top notch. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the entire Volterion team."

Eugene Beh,
CEO, Quino Energy

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