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Double benefit

Our flow storage systems are a flexible, reliable and cost-efficient solution for your energy needs and at the same time have the ability to be integrated into your heat generation.

Volterion specialises in the design and manufacturing of stationary storage systems for the commercial sector, which offer all the advantages of the Flow Technology. These storage systems are designed to provide you with energy at any time you need it. Our solutions make you less dependent on fluctuating electricity prices and energy supply constraints, enabling you to achieve long-term cost savings.

A key feature of our storage facilities is, that they are not conventional batteries, but systems comparable to a hydroelectric power plant that stores and releases energy for decades. They are scalable both in performance and in capacity and easily tailored to your specific application. Our storage systems are not only flame resistant, making them one of the few safe batteries around, but also extremely durable and sustainable. Vanadium electrolyte does not degenerate and is still as valuable after years of use as it was on the first day. This means that it can be reused in another storage system at any time. Recycling of a vanadium storage system is thus already secured with the purchase and the CO2 footprint is low. This increases the return on investment of your investment. In comparison, conventional batteries that need to be replaced after a limited-service life have to be disposed of at additional cost.

Due to a higher process heat our storage systems provide added value and cost advantages that other technologies do not offer.

The advantages of our storage sytems

Durable and

and safe

Scalable in performance
and capacity


Our products


We call it "our power package" with variable power and approx. 13 kWh capacity is suitable for all applications in which several charging cycles per day are required. The compact storage system reliably supplies you with energy and impresses with short charge and discharge times. Fit for your e-mobility application or as an emergency power storage system.

Performance variants
  • 4 kW
  • 8 kW
  • 16 kW


The capacity miracle with variable power and approx. 140 kWh capacity is suitable for all applications where power should be available at any time when you need it. It offers a major contribution to increasing your self-consumption. Our energyFB can be controlled so that it charges at times when electricity is cheap or free and discharges at times when electricity would have to be purchased at a high price on the market. Due to the very low self-discharge of the storage system, it is particularly suitable as a long-term storage system. With the energyFB, you make the decision towards a self-sufficient energy supply. On the other hand, integrating process heat into your heating system can contribute to further cost reductions and efficient energy use.

Performance variants
  • 16 kW
  • 20 kW
  • 30 kW

Engineering Services

We have many years of experience in the field of test and laboratory systems. We also see ourselves as a service provider and offer engineering services so that you can realize your research project or the test or laboratory storage for your electrolyte. Please contact us so that we can get to know your project.